999BETthai is one of the best online betting sites. It gives members access to hundreds of fun and exciting slot machines, casino games, and a comprehensive sportsbook where you can place wagers on football matches going on around the world. However, before you start gambling and winning money, first, you need to become a 999BETthai member. Below, we will explain how to become a member of our online casino, as well as an overview of all of the exciting bonuses and promotions we offer for new members.

LINE: @999bthai

How Do I Become a Member of 999BETthai Online Casino?

It is easy to become a member of 999BETthai. Below, we explain the steps you need to take to join one of the best betting sites on the internet.

1. Add @999bthai as a Friend on LINE

The first step is to reach out to us on our LINE account. Contact us @999bthai, or follow this link to access a QR code that will automatically add @999bthai as a friend on LINE.

2. Send @999bthai a Message on LINE

Next, send a message to @999bthai on LINE. Our customer support specialists on the LINE account help you apply for a membership.

3. Complete Your Application

Our customer service representatives will provide you with an application to join 999BETthai. Fill out the application and return it to your representative. They can also answer any questions and resolve any outstanding member issues.

4. Deposit a Minimum of 100 baht Into Your New Account

Now that you have your new account set up, you will need to add some money to start gambling. 999BETthai requires a 100 baht minimum deposit to get started. The transaction will be safe and secure, protecting your information, identity, and money.

5. Start Placing Bets and Playing Casino Games

After depositing money into your account, you are ready to start making cash on one of the best betting sites in Thailand. It is that simple to get started! Contact us on LINE @999bthai today.

New Member Sign-Up Bonus and Other Promotions

Being a new member comes with some amazing perks. New members are eligible to claim sign-up bonuses to reward them for joining our online casino. Part of being one of the best online betting sites is our dedication to our members, and we show our appreciation with these bonuses:

Up to a 3,000 baht New Member Bonus

As a new member, you are entitled to up to a 3,000 baht cash bonus. If your initial deposit is at least 500 baht, you are eligible for a free bonus in the amount of 50% of your deposit amount, with the maximum bonus being 3,000 baht. All you need to do is turn over the deposit 15 times for sports betting or 40 times for casino bets, and you will receive your bonus.

Turnover refers to the total amount of money you have wagered. In other words, if you place 20 bets of 100 baht, your turnover amount will be 2000 baht. If your deposit was 500 baht, that would mean your initial deposit was turned over four times. Turnover does not take into account the amount of money you have won, it is just the cumulative amount you have wagered.

Refer a Friend to Receive a 1,000 baht Bonus

We want you to invite your friends and family to join you in winning money and having fun on 999BETthai. That is why we offer a generous 1,000 baht promotion if you refer a friend to our online betting site. All you have to do is refer a friend who deposits at least 500 baht. Once your friend places five bets and turned over their initial deposit one time, you will receive a 1,000 baht credit to your account.

Join One of the Best Online Betting Sites Today!

If you want to start winning money by playing slots and placing football wagers, become a member of 999BETthai today. All you have to do is contact us on LINE @999bthai to begin the application process. Click here to access a QR code that will automatically add @999bthai as a friend on LINE to help you get started.